We specialise in end-to-end digital transformation in global markets. Which means we identify problems, design solutions, and build bespoke software products.


Here at Fathom, design is about problem solving. We make some of the business world’s most complex systems useful again through elegant interfaces, optimised process flows and innovative visualisations.

Our first priority is always to understand the problem we are trying to solve. We get there by going deep, immersing ourselves in your world, getting under the skin of both your business and the people that we are designing for.

As veterans of financial services, our team have unparalleled expertise in unpacking processes and organisational challenges. Which means we’re able to see not just how to overcome those challenges, but also how to leverage new opportunities to give your business the edge.


Don’t make something unless it’s both necessary and useful. But if it is both necessary and useful, then don’t hesitate to make it beautiful.

Exception-Based Design™ underpins every project we do. It’s core to our methodology and approach to solution creation, encouraging us always to look for what’s important, to identify the signal-through- the-noise, to seek the exceptions in the data that need human attention.

Having identified the exceptions at the heart of vast and complex problems, we design simple, elegant solutions around the needs of the user to maximise their efficacy and business value.

Our team is working on these products every day, building a powerful knowledge base around some of the world’s deepest business challenges. We’ve even invented totally new ways to represent and manipulate data.


We start coding as quickly as possible, testing our solutions through evolving proof-of-concepts and ambitious MVPs. Bad features die quickly, good ones become great.

Our development team are constantly delivering security, speed and reliability using the latest technologies and frameworks. We solve today’s problems whilst building a platform for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Just like our designers, our engineers are focussed on the user, ensuring every single interaction is as smooth, intuitive and results-oriented as possible. We develop using the Agile framework, which allows us to deliver powerful yet effortless interfaces.


Product deployment is just the beginning. Integration and driving adoption is where our domain experience and unparalleled technical expertise come into their own.

We work closely with clients to implement and educate, whilst you move existing processes, data and business practices over to the new platform.

We’re veterans of migrating our clients from legacy systems to completely overhauled suites of software. Building on these systems is our bread and butter, but once they’re built the challenge remains to drive adoption. We’ll be there to help, and of course tackle teething problems if they arise.

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