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As an innovative fintech aggregation platform for both sell-side and buy-side, Access Fintech helps firms track risk and visualise trade lifecycle across across today’s increasingly complex financial ecosystem.

A beautiful and highly innovative risk management service for both sell-side and buy-side. Access Fintech helps firms track the trade lifecycle and get a true sense of prioritised risk across today’s increasingly complex financial ecosystem.

The Challenge

In 2016, the adoption of new FinTech was being held back by concerns about loss of control, the burden of regulatory requirements, and the cost of implementation. Potential customers were suffering from vendor management fatigue in an increasingly crowded landscape. Access FinTech recognised the need for a platform capable of both simplifying risk management, as well as allowing customers to manage vendors without extensive configuration or expensive commitment.

Responding to the opportunity that this need had created, Roy Saadon - the founder and CEO of Access FinTech - approached Fathom as a design and technology partner to become part of the Access Fintech product journey.

Roy’s brief to Fathom was to create an intuitive, self-service risk management platform that worked across devices and platforms - which importantly should require no instruction manual. A priority was to prototype quickly, and start developing almost from day one, with technology and design simultaneously driving one another towards his vision.

The Solution

So began one of Fathom’s most highly productive and commercially creative partnerships.

The initial phase of the engagement involved unpacking and clarifying the product vision, and then defining all the key aspects of the offering through rigorous UX design and analysis. This required, in part, the creation of a completely new data visualisation language. Through intensive cross-discipline workshops Fathom brought the product to life in ways their client never previously imagined.

A dedicated development team at Fathom immediately got to work on a prototype, taking key data visualisation screens as their initial brief, rather than a list of technical specifications. Where the client expected initial mockup designs, we delivered interactive application screens. Through a simultaneous design/code/test process these prototypes very quickly allowed the client to stretch and pull at the fabric of their product. This in itself uncovered new opportunities and features, shaping later versions and design iterations.

The Outcome

Through intensive cross-discipline workshops, expert UX guidance and stunning visual design, Fathom brought the nascent Access Fintech “risk platform” concept to life in ways the client had not imagined possible.

Now, the Access Fintech solution is a benchmark application against which aspiring fintech products seek to be judged. The platform facilitates a wide variety of digital collaboration across disparate financial ecosystems, enriching data, and visualising both risk and exceptions in intuitive, elegant ways.

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