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Anaplan is a global cloud-based planning software company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Anaplan sells subscriptions for cloud-based business-planning software and provides data for decision-making purposes in areas ranging from finance to human resources.

Integrate with global teams to produce the next level and version of the software platform in order to get to a IPO endpoint.

The Challenge

The software platform was needing a new fresh look at how business created and used this powerful planning capabilities in an easy to use and understand way. Whilst improving the whole end to end customer experience.

The Solution

Together we collaborated around the globe to integrate the Fathom team into the all aspects of the new design and build process. Fathom always create a one team approach to facilitate shared ownership across client and Fathom teams.

The multi year objectives were to create a constant next generation application that was easy to build, maintain and use.

The Outcome

One of the key moments along the way to IPO status was Fathom creating a collection of keynote presentations for a Las Vegas annual conference.

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