We’re very proud of a long, productive and good-natured relationship with Commerzbank, the multinational investment bank. It’s been over a decade since our first project together in April 2013, and we have since collaborated on many projects involving multiple stakeholders, asset classes and problem domains.

The Challenge

Over the past ten years, Commerzbank has brought us an array of different challenges. But we’ve found a number of similarities across the seemingly disparate projects.

First, they usually involve an uplift to an existing application — sometimes minor and other times deeply systemic.

These applications were often created using now outdated languages, protocols or design patterns. And, in nearly every case, the underlying technology needs to be replaced with code that can be delivered via a web browser or some form of wrapper.

But there’s another common challenge that’s become more apparent over our time working together. As a responsible vendor and expert product creation studio, we know the importance of having consistent branding across all aspects of your business. But marketing and branding guidelines don’t often cover software.

The Solution

Our approach is always the same, regardless of shifting stakeholders, scale and complexity. We adhere to our well-tested methodology rooted in evidence. And we are always aware of the delicate balance that needs to be struck between business and user needs.

As for those non-existent software branding guidelines? We’ve learned to reverse engineer them, creating software-specific patterns and then gently introducing them to the marketing and branding team.

The Outcome

Working with Commerzbank is always a delight. The organisation is professional and responsive, staffed by smart, friendly people who appreciate good design and timely delivery.

Across FX, Commodities, Structured Products, Rates, and other supporting areas of the business, we’ve consistently encountered stakeholders who are engaged and sincerely want to improve their offering to customers. And who appreciate the value of considered UX, beautiful UI and modern, efficient code.

Spanning 14 different major projects, seven different stakeholders, and ten years of successful engagement, we’re delighted to call Commerzbank our most long standing client.