The Challenge

ISARA, a Canadian security solutions company, came to us in early 2020 with a fascinating project. They had developed technology that had the potential to ensure digital security in large systems — even with the impending complexities of quantum computing. But they were unsure how to surface this immense volume of data in a meaningful and easy to consume way. They had no brand, no design, no interface — to put it simply, they had the technology, but not the product.

Oh, and it was March 2020. We were all in some form of Covid lockdown. Which meant that this entire project would have to be completed virtually.

The Solution

Like many of our projects, time was of the essence. ISARA wanted to get their product to market ahead of the curve with a chance to become the market leader.

We dove straight into the work, creating the proof of concept in just 15 weeks. This was no small feat as everything from the brand identity to the UX and the code that would enable everything to work seamlessly needed to be created.

One of the key questions we encountered was defining which information needed to be surfaced at a dashboard level and how to make that data not only easy to consume but also to act upon. And finding the right balance between two key audiences: SysAdmins and Senior Executives. It would need to work just as well in a browsing format as in a search format.

But that was only the first step.

We then needed to define the best way to visualise all of that data in a meaningful and simple way. We landed on a 3-dimensional geodesic shape that would shift both colour and shape in relation to not only the data, but to each other and the type of screen it was displayed on.

And then we had to build it, ensuring that the reality worked just as seamlessly as the prototype.

The Outcome

ISARA's Advance® is a pioneering product in the cryptography space, allowing SysAdmins and Senior Executives alike to easily access their cryptographic infrastructure from an intuitive and elegant dashboard — and take action from the same place. The product brings clarity and order to what can be an overwhelming operational responsibility. And we’re very proud to have taken part in bringing it to life.